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This section is dedicated to SiteSpinner from  Virtual Mechanics. There are step-by-step demonstration pages here, and also pages devoted to other aspects of web design.  Although I built this site especially for SiteSpinner, nearly  everything here also applies to its big brother, Web Engine.

Don't overlook the tutorials which ship with SiteSpinner -- under the main menu Help > Tutorials.  The information in these pages is intended to supplement the tutorials and not replace them.

What's on these pages (scroll for more)
Bandwidth: Pages describing how you can reduce the size of your site, and so make it load faster -- and maybe even save some money.

Bookmarks: A blow-by-blow description of how to make bookmarks.

Broken Links: What to look for and how to fix them.

Buttons: A blow-by-blow description of how to make buttons.

Code: How to add code to your pages, and some possibly useful code fragments.

Email addresses: How to hide your email addresses from spammers.

Files: Guide to making files available for download.

 Fonts: Control fonts on your page, CSS and bullets

Glossary: Some of the terms used on this site

I-frames: How to add i-frames to your pages and control their content.

Image Pages: Displaying images when you click on a thumbnail.

Links (broken): Fix-it guide for broken links

Links page: Useful links for web designers

Map: Map of this site, and one way of making a site map

Menus: One way of making pull-out/drop down menus with SiteSpinner

Music: How add music to your pages and keep it going across page changes.

Pop Up a Page In a Window -- display small pages.

Photo Album step-by-step.

Slideshows: Various ways of creating slideshows

Sound Effects: A description of how to make sound effects using SiteSpinner

Text Spacing: How to maintain text spacing on different browsers

Z-order: What it is and how you can take advantage of it
Last significant updates

17 Jul 2007: Update the links page -- kill dead links, add new ones
19 Jul 2007: Add Design Width page -- how wide should I make my pages?
Overview of SiteSpinner
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This site may have minor changes like rewrite a paragraph, fix links or typos, without an entry in the "Last significant updates" list below. I made most of these pages two years ago  with SiteSpinner V2.50 series, and now we are up to SS V2.70f which has some substantial improvements. And I've been slow on the updates. Consequently if you think a cunning trick that I have described here is no longer necessary with the latest version, you will probably be right.  But fortunately most things here are still valid.

Each page has a date of last change in the footer that should automatically show the date of even minor changes.